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Planned/Reactive Maintenance

We offer both planned/reactive maintenance as different options may suit different businesses

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance can often run in line with our initial or yearly surveys. Where we compile a report, which would include identifying potential problems before they occur, and issues that may already be visible. We then plan with yourself the best time to rectify these issues.

This gives you:

  • Peace of mind 

  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs

  • Increased work and building safety

  • Increased building life 

Reactive/Emergency Maintenance

Reactive maintenance sometimes known as breakdown maintenance, is our response service to unforeseen issues. We offer urgent solutions to problems which may relate to general building facilities, safety, structures and security.

No matter what trade it relates to we’ve got you covered:

Carpentry, Electrics, Plumbing/Gas, roofing and effective repair services.

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