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Facilities Management

WeConstructUK offers pragmatic and efficient ways to manage your facilities, we are fully aware that not all facilities management companies are the same.

​We pride ourselves on eliminating building issues (often before they occur) in a systematic way accompanied by realistic costs and timescales.

Our experts with over 30 years of experience, are on hand to help you through any issues that may arise.

Our initial surveys will give you peace of mind making facilities management an effortless task.


How is this achieved?

It is recommend before we take on new facilities that every premises is initially surveyed. This typically enables us to eliminate issues before they arise, as prevention is always better than cure. We aren’t here to offer short term solutions so upon our surveys you’ll get a full in depth report of any potential issues, the likelihood and the cost to repair.

What we don’t want to do, is just paper over the cracks where the inevitable is going to happen. Our reports are clear and concise.

Of course, our services are always completely tailored as every client has its own independent needs.  

As building issues are reported by yourself, a ticket is raised where you will be given a realistic timeframe on how quickly this will be rectified. We cover all aspects of property maintenance, electrics, gas/plumbing, carpentry and many more

As suggested on the homepage, our geographical area is large. So we will always do our utmost to serve these needs.

What properties do we cover?

·         Offices

·         Industrial units

·         Commercial Property

·         Residential Property

·         Hospitals

·         Schools

·         Warehouses

·         Retail Parks

·         Logistical businesses

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